My Story

A friend once said to me, "God entrusts us with our experiences." I agree. God wants us to use our past to impact the present and improve the future.

My life has been marked by events and seasons of pain including a traumatic eye accident, suffering from a chronic disease and crippling fear, losing almost everything during the recession, and raising a special needs child.

However, my story is not about hardship but hope.

It's a story about finding peace in the midst of chaos and the relentless pursuit of a loving God even when I felt He was absent or was cursing His name.

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Are you searching for peace?

In those moments of pain, we want nothing more than relief or hope that it will end. I have two resources that I pray will encourage and empower you to overcome your present hardship and pain.

Want to help others find peace?

Me too. Let's talk about how we can orchestrate an event that could bring hope to those going through life's hard points.