In the summer of 1996, I moved to Camp Marannook.

It was supposed to be just a summer off between college and the start of my career as a sociologist, but it quickly became a year-round staff position. The woods, kids, quietness (and chaos), ministry, and more all pulled me towards a new home.

A few years later, I was encouraged to attend seminary, which lead to new opportunities and directions including church positions, consulting camps, marriage, kids, and starting my own consulting and design business. However, there was a constant and growing yearning to return to the outdoors.

Eventually, we moved to Colorado and were able to spend more time camping, hiking, and admiring the mountain views and wildlife. It has been the best healing and inspiration for our family, but still living in a small metro city has been overwhelming and no longer feels right or healthy (especially for our boys). 

In addition, every time we go to a state/national park, I end up in discussions with park rangers about their career paths and quietly wishing I had their job. Finally, we realized that serving in a Christian camp environment would be the best thing for our entire family.

It is time to return.