What if we are just dipping our toes in a rain puddle when there is an ocean to swim in?

You could say that my spiritual journey began at the age of three when I should have died from an eye injury. However, the One who created and sustains the universe paused to enter my hospital room and restrain death. Since that moment, my relationship with God has gone through many stages: commitment, abandonment, restoration, etc.

Yet, where I am at currently with God is like nothing I have ever experienced.

Just as He visited me 43 years ago, I feel as if God is again extending to me an opportunity for life. An abundant life that would surpass any pleasure and overshadow any pain. The path to finding this treasure of treasures is not easy. It lies with a single word - SEEK. Just as an explorer sets out on an expedition motivated by a faith that fortune is out there, I too am starting a new expedition in my life to discover the depth of knowing God.