Nothing is more important than doing everything possible to lead my kids to know and love God.

After having six kids enter our family, it’s funny to consider that both my wife and I had medical situations that could or should have prevented us from having children. However, life rests in the hands of God not man, and He has chosen for us to have a big (and crazy) family. God has blessed my wife and I with 2 girls, 4 boys, and 1 dog.

Kevin Richard McMillan (46) the dad
Lesli Anne McMillan (40) the mom
Emily Grace McMillan (12) the ballerina
Christian Shepherd-Alexander McMillan (11) the engineer
Kingsley Shepherd-Alexander McMillan (8) the athlete
Tristan Shepherd-Alexander McMillan (5) the naturalist
Madison Grace McMillan (3) the princess
Fox Shepherd-Alexander McMillan (6 months) the happy one
Catori (2 year old German Shepherd) the dog

There is a lot I could say about our family: we homeschool, listen to a lot of books on audio, compete in triathlons, spend our free moments outdoors, and are far from perfect.