Kevin McMillan

Grow Your Business with a Personal Marketing Manager.

Small Business Marketing Direction, Development, and Management from Kevin McMillan


Marketing Related Issues are a Top Reason why over 70% of Small Businesses Fail.

Small businesses often don’t have the necessary time, knowledge, or money to devote to successful marketing.


Stop worrying about marketing and focus on what you do best.


With a “Personal Marketing Manager” you get the combined benefits of a Marketing Director, Ad Agency, and Graphic Artist for less than a part-time employee.

Kevin McMillan will work directly with you to cost-effectively streamline your marketing, improve your brand and design, and ultimately increase revenue.



Custom Action Plan

Get your Marketing Score, then meet with Kevin McMillan to discuss an action plan based on your unique situation, goals, and budget.


Revenue Surge

Kevin McMillan will help you find the lowest hanging fruit first. These initial sales are meant to fund ongoing marketing management that create solid business growth.


Long-Term Growth

Your marketing management includes access to full creative services, free project management software, and access to Kevin McMillan.


“I continually see small businesses with so much potential fail to grow because they can’t give enough attention to marketing.”

Kevin McMillan


Kevin McMillan has helped small businesses and non-profits for almost 25 years.

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